Hokkaido International Film Festival aims to :

  1. Through activities to voluntarily screen films in areas where there are no movie theaters, we will realize sustainable community development through unique and attractive art and culture.
  2. Discovering quality films from Japan and abroad and bringing them to as many people as possible, while respecting diversity of expression and interpretation, as well as differences in culture and values.
  3. We will create an environment in which everyone can easily enjoy films on the big screen and appreciate the excellence of film and visual culture.
  4. Volunteers and staff members who are responsible for the festival share the joy of watching films, valuing the connections among filmmakers, audiences, and related parties. We will do our utmost to support local communities until they are able to plan and operate their own film festivals.
  5. Contribute to regional development, economic revitalization, human resource development, community activation, and attraction of domestic and international tourism through the film festival. We work in partnership and collaboration with various local organizations to contribute to the realization of regional initiatives and the resolution of issues unique to each region.
  6. Promote exchanges within the region, between the region and the region, between the region and Hokkaido or Japan, and between the region and the rest of the world. Through exchanges with filmmakers from Japan and abroad, we will broaden the horizons of residents and foster great possibilities, especially for children.